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SoldRealty.US is owned and operated by a licensed independent Real Estate Agent/Private Investor. We buy and sell homes across the United States.

Your destiny is in your hands now. Anyone with a dream, interest in real estate and a strong desire to succeed is welcome to signup for free membership. Please like us on Facebook.

This is a pay less no nonsense off the market real estate investor’s network website which was designed specifically with you in mind. It was designed as a platform for active rock bottom bargain hunter home buyers and investors who are looking for properties with good potential for solid profit in the shortest amount of time.

Instant buyer’s equity is the name of the game here. The main objective here is not to make a huge profit on each sale transactions. Each buyers are given the opportunity to buy well below current market value in order to attain instant equity on their purchases. As a matter of fact Dirt Cheap Homes allow you to set your own price with owner’s financing included if needed. No reasonable cash offer is ever too big or too small here. DirtCheapHomes.US also accepts cash and property donations.

Send your no obligation free enrollment request to Info@DirtCheapHomes.U

Our Services:

Take your real estate empire dream to the next leve. Here at Dirt Cheap Homes we take your real estate investing serious and we know what we are doing.

No MLS, No cd, dvd and videos to watch, no 2:00 AM real estate shows to watch, no long weekend class to attend in Las Vegas, no confusing 200 page real estate books to read, no long term buy and hold strategy to follow, no experience required, no more excuses for being broke.

We work with buyers, sellers, agents, investors and lenders accross the United States.